Home Icy 90 Arctic Circle winter trip Riding in Finland in the snow.
Riding in Finland in the snow.

Greetings from Finland and welcome to the first post on the "ICY90" trip,


This is just a quick video that I've knocked together to show me testing out my tyres and generally having fun on little 90 in the snow.

I don't have the time to make proper, long videos while on this trip so I'll just be putting up short videos and pictures when I get the chance. This trip is only 4 weeks long and I've also got to give most of my attention to staying alive at -30oC!

Don't worry though, I'm filming the whole trip as with the Malaysia trip and I'll be editing some videos and putting them here when I get back home in March! :)

Little honda in her Arctic Circle touring kit. The screen works to protect my hands and face/body from the arctic wind. There're also two sets of panniers for all the clothes, food and equipment I need. The black bag has an arctic jacket, arctic sleeping bag and rainproof suit. The brown bag is my tent and in the topbox are my electronics.

And of course Sammy the Iranian snail is strapped to the front of my shopping basket

A quick photo to show you guys what camping is like in Finland in winter.


Some sideways action on an ice hockey rink in southern Finland :)


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