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exploring KL (video)

Well this is all going really well,




As you can see from the above video, I have a free place to stay, LOADS of new friends who all have tips and advice and take you out around KL to sort your documents for you. A chap called Irman took me all over KL yesterday to sort my bike insurance (£13 for three months! how cheap is that?) and then loads of other places to eat and drink and buy a bike lock.


C90 insurance for malaysia


How rude haha, but valueing it at 0 does mean cheap insurance so it's yet again another reason the 90 is perfect for the job.


One of the man stops I've been taken to was the 'Sunny Cycle' motorcycle garage which is currently the home of Simon Thomas who with his wife Lisa (who is in the UK seeking medical treatment before flying back out here) has been riding around the world for over 10 years now on their BMWs! Which is amazing and it's a privilege to meet a BMW GS that has actually been further than the local shops haha. I must learn to lose my irrational hatred of GS's haha.



It's a lovely piece of kit but the fuel it carries weighs half the weight of my bike!!!


And here's Simon bowing down to me for my ride back to the UK on the C90, but isn't it easier to do it on the 90 rather than the GS? That GS is enormous


Anyway, I'm off to to the pub now to meet up with Simon (who says the English drink too much? haha) and get some tips from someone who's seen it all.



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