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Hmmm upgrades (videos)

This cost me £3.80 fitted, what a bargain :)



I asked the chap in the shop if he has one for a C90, he said he has a new one for a C110 and he can weld it to fit...all for £3.80! I wonder how much Touratech would charge? haha


I'm still mooching around KL at the moment, went to visit the Batu caves today:


I'm also really starting to see see what the overlanders on big bikes say about spares. I mean my bike is 22 years old! Where am I ever going to get spare parts from?.....Oh look, problem solved haha

My full name is Edwin March, and I'm definitely pants at taking life seriously :)


This is also what a monsoon looks like to those who haven't seen one. when the wall of water approaches..you hide and you hide fast. But it'll clear in 30 mins so just sit back, roll a cigarette or partake in your favourite sin and just relax. Once it stops, everything will be dry in 20 minutes :)



Okay well I'm off to prepare for my interview for a Malaysian Newspaper tomorrow morning, I'll be taking C90 along too so she can show off her new jewellery :)



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