Malaysia to UK DVD and USB

Join Ed in his first, and award winning, feature film. (yeah it’s actually won 4 film festivals, it’s actually not crap). This features a lot of the footage from the YouTube series, except it wasn’t edited by Ed on a 10 inch notebook in a damp hotel room on the road.

In 2011 Ed March posted his particularly small motorcycle to the other side of the world with the aim of riding it home. There was no plan, no script, no backup crew and no-one to tell him what a stupid idea was.

Over the next 8 months, Ed and his trusty motorbike Ninety travelled through 17 countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, India and Iran. In Vietnam he got very drunk with a little old lady and in Bangkok there were wedding bells.

Where will he sleep tonight? What happens when you bribe a Cambodian army weapons store with £200? Can you get to Everest Base Camp in a pair of trainers? These are all questions that Ed March didn’t even know needed answering.

Join Ed as he shows you what the world is really like when you have a big smile, a small bike and an even smaller budget.

DVD case is actually matching white and the artwork is like in the temporary photo taken by me. I’ll do a photoshoot soon.

Oh and the USB stick is currently under development and will feature a shopping basket and improved design.

This is all very professional.

All items on this shop are personally dispatched by me or a good friend of mine, and possibly even taken to the post office on Ninety, so some delays are possible.

Note: All orders sent to Russia are subject to a £50 surcharge on shipping labelled “Ukraine Invasion tax”, which will be donated to International Rescue Committee (no not the Thunderbirds) providing shelter for civilians fleeing Ukraine that has been invaded by Russia. If you’re Russian and watch my content, you’re probably not aligned with your regime, so instead of a full ban on sales to Russia, I’ve gone for this. However if you send me proof of you throwing your own shit at the Kremlin, I will refund you the invasion tax, and donate it myself.

Recommended price: £17.00

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Contains the 74 minute feature film on both a region free DVD, and a USB stick.

USB file format is .MP4 which allows it to be played on any smart TV or PC.

Also contains 16 page colour booklet with incredible artwork, and a cartoon willy by Ed to keep things recognisable.

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Weight 113 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 40 cm