About 100 miles outside of Calais

Today hasn’t been too bad. It’s only just stopped raining which is a nice break from having
to wear all my waterproofs.
I managed to come off on a roundabout earlier because surface water hid a pot hole/ trench
but luckily because the road was so wet I just slid into the Kerb a bit and didn’t
tear my waterproofs.
Just in a mcdonalds ATM using their wifi and bout to do another 50
miles and then find a barn to sleep in. I just hope French farmers don’t
have pitch forks too lol ­čÖé
if Wadie, Shoobs or will are Reading this: I’ll see you France buds.
Anyway, I’m off to try and avoid all the french drivers again, I’m assuming
they’re supposed to do a test? Lol
stay frosty, I am lol