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Exped 9LW sleeping mat review

Ahhh sleeping mats, a hotly debated topic. the argument normally centres around three things: Cost, Comfort, and bragging rights about enjoying being uncomfortable. As I despise the last point, I’ll stick with my standard method.   Useful stats:   I have the Exped 9LW downmat. The ‘LW’ means it’s the long and wide version making…

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Hall of fame

*Update* I’ve actually been on TV a couple of times now and been in quite a few magazines and the odd book, but rather than put the new mentions in here, I’ve decided to just keep this page as it was in 2011. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet (I wouldn’t leave the…

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Why a Honda C90?

Reason 1: I just can’t seem to kill the thing. I bought her for £150 taxed and tested to use as a work horse because she can go 100 miles on less than 4 litres of petrol. And for a while she was just used as a souless vehicle to save money with…but then things…

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C90 + C90 sidecar

Stupid idea number 78……(look for the front wheel of the right hand C90) There was a Horizons Unlimited rally in the UK in Sept 11 and the three C90’s needed to be there to continue their fight in the revolution against the ‘big bikes’. The only problem was that Laddie couldn’t make it…..disaster!!! How will the…

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