The “keep Ed March alive” fund.


(although if you’re a millionaire and feel compelled to fund this trip then I won’t hold you back 😉

A very heartfelt thank you to all the people that have donated to the fund which has allowed me to get the equipment required to not only surive camping in -30oC but also keep my sticky-out bits! sleeping bag

If you like me or my adventures, then you also like why? Because will be responsible for me staying alive in the Arctic by donating this sleeping bag that’s rated to -84oC!!!

They’re also responsible for selling some frankly awesome dirt bike apparel.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your bed if you don’t visit their site and buy something.

I’ll also s**t through your letter box


The heated grips supplied by Hedgehog Motorcycles are so awesome that I got caught seeing how else they could keep me warm in the Arctic!


Chris Neil has sent me this frankly amazing Arctic suit that is originally meant for people working in walk in meat freezers…aka places that are -20oC. PERFECT! He even rides a BMW 1200GS, could this man be anymore amazing?….What a legend!! 🙂


Stace Martin has very kindly donated this Exped Downmat 9 LW sleeping mat and Jonathon Ridley-Holloway donated this Snugpak Sasquatch jacket! This means that Stace’s mat (rated to not let any cold through down to -38oC) and Jonny’s jacket (-15oC) allow me to both stay warm AND please my female audience at the same time. Everybody wins!!!


To all the people that have sent me PayPal donations: the list of my kit is very large and complex, and I’ll be posting the details and receipts here so you can see how you’ve all helped. (many things arrived the last day before I left so it’s all chaos which I’ll sort out soon). It’s not too hard to imagine I’m disorganised is it? 😉

But for the moment I bought:

Coleman 442 featherlight stove which runs on petrol (gas freezes up there)

emergency survival kit (compass, flint steel, waterproof matches etc)

fur lined waterproof boots

backup phone and emergency beacon charger.

Led C90 headlights to allow me to divert the headlight power to my heated grips.

Lighter fuel powered hand warmers.

And many more things that I’ve forgotten but are stashed in the bike.


The “Keep Ed March Alive fund”

I am finding corporate sponsorship of arctic gear very difficult to obtain and I simply can’t afford to do this adventure, quit work (again), film it and post videos online and buy all the correct kit.

This is why after a suggestion from a friend, I have been forced to start a “Keep Ed March Alive Fund” to be able to afford the equipment to keep me alive when camping alone at -30oC. Funds can be donated via paypal

Any money received by me will only be spent on arctic survival gear and equipment with details and receipts shown on this website for complete transparency.

I will be posting a list of the people/company’s who have donated to this fund next to the items I will have purchased (unless requested otherwise), along with a very big thank you from me and C90.

If you wish for your name or amount donated to be anonymous then please send an email detailing this or put a message with the paypal payment.

If you are donating on behalf of a company (or would simply like a nice picture/ warm fuzzy feeling inside in exchange for a large donation) then I will happily mention your company name and provide a form of advertising for your company. Details to be decided but possibly Facebook posts, photos with a thank you, me holding a thank you banner with your company name on it while surrounded by snow etc, shamelessly wearing your company logo when photographed for a newspaper etc. Feel free to email me with requests in exchange for donations.

This fund is totally separate from my charity sponsorships for the Devon Air Ambulance and to avoid confusion: paypal donations go to me to buy survival gear to stay alive, donations to my just giving page (link at top-left of all of my pages) go directly to the Devon Air Ambulance without me even seeing the money.