Malaysia to UK, my first feature film.

It’s done! It’s finally actually properly done.

It nearly killed us all but we got through it, came out the other side and have an amazing finished product.

First thing’s first: buy a copy….buy 2…buy enough to re-tile your bathroom at

Malaysia to UK - A c90 adventure

Second thing’s second: THANK YOU! From me and 90.

Thank you for being patient and waiting until I was happy with it and I can now be 100% proud of what we have achieved.

Thank you to the Kickstarter backers who funded the first £9,000 of the bill.

Thank you to my parents for not beating me when I said I wanted to spend my entire £5,000 savings on topping it up.

And thank you to Mastercard for having a lapse enough update system to allow someone unemployed to borrow the final £5,000 needed to get it perfect.

Feel free to buy a copy to support this project and keep the free updates and future films coming.

One last thing: Yes it cost just under £20,000….so if you pirate it….In the words of Liam Neeson: I will find you…and I will bum you.

Cheers guys,

It’s been emotional

Ed and 90