A2A Episode 1: Where the f**k has Ed March been?

Alaska to Argentina Episode 1: Where has Ed March been?

Well bend me over and call me Filbert! I’m back!!!

Let’s get straight to it – here’s the video.

So hopefully the video made some sort of sense (although I doubt it….I made it), and you’re a little closer to understanding exactly what I’ve been up to.
So what does the future hold? Well…..
I’m currently on this Alaska to Argentina trip with Rachel for the next 18 months to 2 years or so……so that means loads of chaos and loads more video updates! 🙂
I’m also in the process of putting some actual information on my website (not just drawings of willies and pictures of my arse). I’ll be doing proper reviews of equipment that I use (if I don’t break it then it must be good etc) to help you guys out should you wish to do silly things too. Things like sleeping bags to use in the Arctic in winter, and what expensive gear is actually worth the money etc.
Anyway, thanks for watching guys, and in case you’re worried that travelling with a girl will make me more sensible, I’ll give you a sneak peak photo from the current trip.

And yes that is a Police car.
















See you soon 🙂