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“Icy 90” Music Video

So here we are, my most favourite video I’ve ever made: The “Icy 90” Music Video. I recommend watching this on a big screen with some headphones or decent speakers In this video I took a different approach to my other videos and I showed what it can be like to travel alone, an in… Keep Reading

Riding to the Elephant Rally, the start of “ICY 90”

    This is “Battleshots” which you play in exactly the same way as the board game “Battleships”…except with beer for boats and some port landmines. 4 pints of beer per game on each side can get quite messy quite quickly!   This is little 90 fully loaded for the Arctic Circle, with two sets… Keep Reading

Riding in Finland in the snow.

  This is just a quick video that I’ve knocked together to show me testing out my tyres and generally having fun on little 90 in the snow. I don’t have the time to make proper, long videos while on this trip so I’ll just be putting up short videos and pictures when I get… Keep Reading

The “keep Ed March alive” fund.

UPDATE 05/01/13: THE FUND IS NOW NO LONGER NEEDED TO KEEP ME ALIVE….PROBABLY HAHA (although if you’re a millionaire and feel compelled to fund this trip then I won’t hold you back 😉 A very heartfelt thank you to all the people that have donated to the fund which has allowed me to get the… Keep Reading

Icy90 intro.

The hardest trip yet… a long way.   The “Icy 90” arctic circle adventure.   4000 miles from UK to Germany, the Arctic circle and then home. 28th Jan -28th Feb 2013. I will be riding alone and rough camping by the side of the road. Above the Freezing point the temperature won’t rise above… Keep Reading

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