So then….Turkey

Turkey was a strange country to ride through, I rode nearly 1500 miles through the entire length of it and not much really happened that was very interesting at all. But then after riding through Iran anywhere will seem quite dull I guess. I’m still happy with the update and think it has my usual comedy twist on it but turkey didn’t seem to actually make the update reflect the country, like all the other countries did.

There really aren’t decent pictures to go in this write up. The weather was mostly dull and occasionally it threw in some rain or sun to try to spice things up but it never made it very exciting.

This was the only decent view that I saw and it was taken in Istanbul as I crossed the river by ferry.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy the Turkey update.

Europe will follow next week.

Still hunting for a job and a house (I’m back in the UK now)

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