Malaysia to UK: In Thailand

This is very much on the fly but the pictures and Youtube video should work together hopefully.

So here I am in Thailand.

It’s only been a week since my last update but so many things have happened if I don’t keep up it’ll get even more overwhelming to make an update.

Right then…

After my last update from Penang I was taken to a traditional Malaysian wedding with everyone in full dress….and me, the only white person there. Luckily I don’t get embarrassed easily but I came pretty close as the DJ announced in Malay (Someone translated to me) “Welcome foreigner….and for the white boy let’s play Queen with I want to break free” I spent the entire time noticing that everyone was staring at me with total intrigue haha.

This is the Bride and Groom.

I then headed north through the Paddy Fields

A bit of C90 porn for you die-hard fans haha

In the North I stayed with NZ York who had already hooked me up with so many amazing people she couldn’t possibly do any more….but she did: she let me stay at her place for 2 days and also introduced me to an awesome group of Yamaha FZ150 riders including Azrul, Katto and Hatim (I hope I got that right) who took me on some amazing rides around the coast.

This is Azrul and Hatim when they took me to a Museum about the Paddy fields

After hanging out with these guys I headed to the Thailand border with NZ and was getting shouted at by some locals while I was filling up in a petrol station. The reason…..They were looking at me on the front page of their newspaper. I gave an interview the day before but I never imagined it would get front page and then page 2&3. Yep….I’ve officially been on page 3 🙂 haha

Once at the Thai border it was good fun trying to read what everything meant :s

Some more old school C90 porn that I found in a toilet of all places

After the border I headed north and met with this awesome guy called Kenta who’s riding his bicycle from Indonesia to Turkey over 2 years!!!! I’ve got nothing on this guy. And after the hard searches in Malaysia for beer I was glad to find some available and in a fridge 🙂

From there I rode down to Ko Lanta to try to get a ferry to Ko Phi Phi island (the one where they filmed ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio) but they have no vehicle ferries, oh no……or with a C90 you just pay an extra £2 and three guys will carry it onto the boat for you haha 🙂

So with my bike on an island with no roads and no vehicles allowed I was all set. I had a little ride around and went up into the mountains and found this view…..

I got up to loads of stuff on the island but it’s best just to watch the video.

Once on the mainland I was riding down the coast and saw this view. I had to ride the C90 down the beach and to the waters edge to prove I didn’t get it off the internet. I don’t know what all the big bikers think of riding on beaches but I love riding through the small waves and on sand 🙂

I don’t know either…..

Well I’m in a cafe hut thingy with free wifi in the middle of no-where uploading all of this so I’ll see you guys somewhere further north in about a week or so. Today’s upload took an entire day so I’ve had to stay another night here.

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