If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already watched the video and if it’s had the desired effect then hopefully you’re going “WHAT THE ****” or not… which case I just had fun being a big kid haha.

So basically since the last update I’ve finally left Pattaya and I’m continuing my quest to see weird things.

Oh yeah, luggage….I have discovered the simple fact that every adventure biker discovers; that they have too much stuff and their bike is overloaded. I’d hit some pretty bad pot holes in Thailand and I think they caused the rear “subframe” to crack. My luggage was probably the most secure system I have ever seen on a bike, but it’s too heavy for these roads so it had to go. Those cases have already seen some amazing trips and I would have loved to have kept them but there’s no point in making things difficult for the sake of sentiment. So in-line with my C90 philosophy it was time for another modification. The old luguage and rack (10Kg total!) was thrown away, the top box moved forward to disitrbute the weight better and some soft luggage purchased for £40. To stop the leather lugguage rubbing through, I tied two bits of plywood to the sides of the bike and voila!!! A c90 that now handles like a dream and sails over the pot holes and off-road section perfectly. I wish I did that ages ago.

Once 90 was lightened I headed off for Cambodia, and what a place! I’d heard it’s like Thailand was 20 years ago and they weren’t wrong. This country is my favourite so far. The scenery is breath taking, the people are relentlessly friendly, the food is amazing, the way of life is intriguingly quirky and there are full original spec C90s everywhere!!!! no telescopic suspension rubbish 🙂



So I suppose I better mention the best ever upgrade/modification I’ve ever made to my C90 haha.

The modification is a genuine Russian PKM General Purpose machine gun firing belt fed 7.62mm rounds at 650 bullets per minute. This was a serious piece of kit and I only wish that Touratech would sell one in their catalogue, but then you can’t pull away one handed on a BMW so maybe not haha (no update is complete without a bit of GS1200 bashing 😉

The video speaks for itself but I got to fire an AK47, an M16 the PKM and throw a hand grenade. Holding that hand grenade was a very sobering moment. I was standing there with a grenade with the pin pulled out and looking at it thinking “All it takes is one tiny mistake and I’m dead….like proper dead”

And then it took a bit more bribing and they actually let me ride my C90 one handed while firing a fully automatic M16 in the other hand and let of a magasine of rounds.

All these rounds were live by the way in case you were wondering, no blanks.

And that was proably the most surreal thing I will ever do on a motorbike.

One final note if I may: in order to get the entertainment value for my website of firing those guns I had to bribe the Cambodian Army A LOT!!! If at some point on this trip you’re thinking of donating to the Devon Air Ambulance through could I ask that you also consider the entertainment value that I hope these updates are bringing? Things will get tougher for me (Iran and Pakistan desserts for example) so it won’t all be this easy.

But for the moment if I can just plant the seed of: “Over Ed’s entire trip he’s entertained me as much as one trip to the cinema….maybe I should donate the amount of one cinema ticket”

Hope you’ve enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making it for you guys.

I’m off to the Vietnam border now.

Ed and 90