Engine rebuild and Pattaya



So here I am in Pattaya post rebuild. The total cost was about £28 and that included new valves, carb seals, piston, rings, rebore and all labour and even an oil change!

Granted it was a surprise and I still don’t really know why it happened but this is whole reason why I love touring with this bike…..there’s just no stress. Woopdeedoo I need a top-end rebuild, when smoke was pouring out of the back I was laughing because fixing these bikes just isn’t a worry 🙂 I know people with bikes who can’t get to all the spark plugs within 2 and a half hours let alone a rebuild!


From the rebuild south of Bangkok I rode through Bangkok and to the Southwest to meet a friend of a friend; a chap called Jack who has just ridden from England to Thailand in 5 weeks on his BMW 650 XCountry (a proper nice and light BMW for a change). He rode here with a Polish chap called Martin who says such brilliant phrases as “This food does not work” when he doesn’t like the food. He also pronounces Mountain “Mooontaynes” which I still chuckle at being told.

Nothing much has really happened, I’m still in Pattaya with Jack and I’m just enjoying having my mind blown away by everything here. Rural Thialand was different but this place is so sexually and morally depraved and different I just can’t even begin to understand it. Everyday I see another bizarre sight or story and it’s eye opening.

I knew this trip would change my perception of the world but this place has shifted it up a gear.

I’m also waiting for news on my Iran Visa so I can’t stray too far from Bangkok untill
I get that news which means I’ll probably be here for a while, but who knows.


Until next time